RM James VR2Go Headset Giveaway

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Welcome to the RM James VR2Go giveaway. Enter for your chance to win a VR2Go Virtual Reality headset.
Remember to confirm your entry via email and gain more entries by sharing and liking the Facebook page and following on Twitter.
About the headset:
With over 1000 free apps to choose from, youll have a blast playing with the 3D Virtual Reality Headset by Wireless Express. Get ready to turn your smartphone into a 3D cinema with an immersive game and video experience. The VR headset is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones with a screen size between 4.7 6. Its ergonomic design will give you hours of uninterrupted comfortable VR time.
Specially designed to turn your iPhone or Android smartphone into a 3D Cinema with immersive 3D Game and video experience
About the Sponsoring Author:
Prior to becoming an author, I was accepted as a candidate in a doctoral program after completing my masters in 2009. However, life threw a monkey wrench and could not attend and pursue the lifelong dream of owning a doctor degree in health administration. Such is life. My children are now grown and moved away with their own careers, and did not have to sacrifice anything to pursue a career in writing and publishing a book. You can say writing arrived after my physician declared me unfit to work. Battling Fibromyalgia, Meniere’s disease and other ailments for the past 20 years was not easy. I move on because there is plenty to live for among fighting occasional flare ups, I get up, dust off my knees and keep moving. So this is my story…
Imagine waking up one morning with a hangover from hell leaving your body immobile where you lay and with the smallest movement the room spins out of control forcing you to scream from the top of your lungs to stop. It’s the middle of the work week, and no drinking of any alcohol was involved the night before or on any crazy roller coaster rides. After visiting the doctor, she concluded the spells were the result of vertigo prescribed Valium to control the spells. Needless to say, the medicine proved a failure and the symptoms worsened as time progressed.
Four years later, I am still battling with the disease as the illness moved to my left ear. Since I had a vestibular nerve removed on the right side controlling my equilibrium, there was absolutely no way another surgery that complex would be performed. Meniere’s Disease, has no known cure only treatments. No matter what shoes I wear, sneakers, low heel, or high heel shoes, when a spell hits, I fall. So why do I write…to forget the debilitating symptoms depriving me of living a normal life. Plus, writing gives me a sense of accomplishment that I can do something despite living with this unrelenting ailment in the hopes that one day, a cure is found. I take it one day at a time.
Today, I enjoy looking through the bay window at the pond in my backyard–the serenity calms me as I sip a large cup of espresso and think how my life had gone. I may not have a perfect life but as long as my belief in God remains there’s nothing I cannot accomplish.
For more information, visit FoundationsBooks.net or authorrmjames.com
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Expires at March 31, 2018

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